From startup to public offerings and beyond

Sassetti Has You Covered

Whether you’re weighing financing options, selecting an accounting system, or planning your tax strategy, you want an experienced partner to help you navigate this exciting but challenging experience.

Today, the impact of digital technology can be seen in every aspect of our lives. For those that work in the technology field, there are significant opportunities for growth and to expand reach into new markets. But with those opportunities comes specialized rules and, as with any growing and emerging market, added risks.

Risk is a reality in any business, but especially if you are not familiar with filing requirements, special tax considerations, or if you grow too fast. Controlling growth, by ensuring that you have the tools and knowledge to support it, is crucial.

Our Expertise

Sassetti experts are highly knowledgeable of the intricate accounting methods and unique challenges of this industry. Whether you are looking to make an acquisition, expand into new markets, launch a successful public offering or file a complex tax return, we have the knowledge and experience to help you grow.

The Sassetti team delivers high quality assurance, tax and advisory services for the technology sector, so that you can focus on innovation, creativity, growth and leveraging all of the opportunities that this environment offers.

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