Helping organizations work toward achieving their mission and maintaining a transparent and sustainable effort.

Help Achieving Your Mission

We deliver the financial services needed to help efficiently support your cause. For not-for-profit organizations, we can become your auditor or provide accounting support for your organization and work with your current auditor. When working with your current auditor we take over the responsibility for your accounting systems or we manage your in-house accounting team. For some clients, we become their fractional or part-time CFO or Controller. As your auditor, we bring a seasoned team of experienced professionals who understand the not-for-profit community.

Our Non-Profit Orientated Services:

  • Audits, including Single Audits
  • Agreed-Upon Procedures
  • Internal Controls & Fraud Prevention
  • Audits of 403(b) and Retirement Plans
  • Accounting Department Outsourcing
  • Fractional or Part-Time CFO or Controllership Support
  • 990 Return Preparation & Filing
  • Support with Transparency
  • Unrelated Business Income Tax (UBIT) Support
  • Exempt Status Applications
  • Consulting on Governance Issues
  • Cash Flow Planning & Operational Consulting
  • Sustainability Analysis

Our Not-For-Profit Clients Include:

  • Large organizations with in-house financial leadership requiring compliance only support
  • Small to mid-size entities with either compliance and regulatory needs or who need support with accounting or fractional Controllership
  • Foundations
  • Government agencies ranging from municipalities to federal agencies

Our Not-For-Profit Assessment

Our role is to help make progress toward achieving your mission while doing so at a reasonable cost without putting you at any risk. Sassetti will remove the burden of being responsible for producing accurate and timely financial records and placing that burden on us. Whether we are your auditor, handling your accounting, managing your 990 reporting, or acting in some other financial or advisory capacity will determine that in our Assessment.

A Point About Accounting in the Not-For-Profit Profession

Many audit professionals supporting not-for-profits do so in a “part-time” manner. They view a non-profit audit as off-season work to keep their auditors busy. At Sassetti, the not-for-profit profession is a major part of our firm and something we do year-round and not just in the summer. Our team has extreme depth, receives specific not-for-profit education and will add insight to help manage your operations. We know what to look for and how to support organizations like yours.

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