Strategic tax planning along with management of your tax filings and reporting requirements.

Tax planning can be simple for some organizations and complex for others, but having a plan is vital to minimize taxes. We will design a plan that addresses your strategic needs, explores any potential tax incentives or credits, and identifies your tax compliance and filing requirements. We also integrate the organizational and personal tax impact of your decisions. Sassetti’s professionals will monitor and walk you through changes that may result from new regulatory or other life issues that arise.

Our Tax Planning Services Include:

  • Year-end tax returns for corporations, partnerships, LLCs and consolidated entities
  • Preparation of state tax returns, specializing in multi-state tax returns
  • Individual tax returns for business owners and proprietors
  • Other compliance tax returns
  • A review of available deductions, credits and incentives
  • Fixed asset depreciation and analysis
  • Tax research for federal and multi-state matters
  • On-going review of tax law changes that need to be discussed and implemented
  • Federal and state examination representation and assistance

A Comprehensive Tax Analysis

Our all-encompassing tax analysis is a complete evaluation of your current tax position, as well as a look back into prior years to see if we can identify any areas to recapture lost deductions, credits or incentives. We also discuss potential risk.

Impacting the Bottom Line

How much you earn is one component of running a business and building wealth, how much you retain is another. Taxes can make a significant impact in regards to your net profitability and your own personal wealth. Our goal is to help you make informed decisions to manage that impact.

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