Closely Held

Helping owners refine profitability, manage risk, and narrow the gap from where they are today to where they want to be.

Helping Owners Stay Focused on What They Do Best

Owners of privately held businesses start off with a great service or product expertise and then are forced, as their businesses grow, to become experts in everything from financial matters to legal issues to personnel management. It’s a daunting task that needs to be addressed while still servicing customers and creating new services or products to keep their business fresh and innovative. Sassetti provides comprehensive support to help businesses set and achieve goals, as well as measure progress.

Accountants Who Act as Advisors

As your accountants and advisors, one of our roles is to provide the reporting and advice needed to operate the business, build value, and help you meet lifestyle objectives. In addition, we can help ease the difficulties of managing select aspects of your business. Why become an expert in certain business functions when you can outsource or manage them by utilizing our services?

A Few Key Benefits We Address:

  • Goal Setting & Profit Growth
  • Financial Reporting; from Audits to Management Reports
  • Tax Planning; including Gifting & Estate Strategies
  • CFO & Controller Services
  • Outsourcing the Accounting Function
  • Cash Flow, Forecast, Budgets & Financing Needs
  • Exit, Transition & Succession Strategies

We Create Time for You to Focus on Growth Strategies

We take away the administration and provide ideas to help you stay focused on your core mission and what you do best. Are there visions you have that you never seem to have the time to get to? Does it make sense to buy or merge in a competitor? Are there business development steps to consider that will enhance profit margins? Are there opportunities to increase margins and add market share? We work with you to review ideas, to tackle obstacles and to refine profit potential.

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