We develop solutions to address opportunities that arise and unexpected obstacles that might come up.

One of the biggest challenges in any business is gathering objective feedback. Our team provides an opportunity to let you look at your business with a fresh set of eyes. Owners can share ideas with us and discuss problems without generating concern among their employees, including the senior management team. Examples include changes in benefit plans, buying or selling a business, exit and succession strategies or profit enhancement ideas which might be related to down-sizing or right-sizing a company.

If management is part of the problem … no problem. You can freely talk and plan with us without negative kickback or harsh conversation. We can be used as a filter to talk through the root of a problem, and even help outline a tough conversation. This can be a powerful way to put issues in perspective, and develop a logical plan to resolve them and move forward.

Our Advisory Services Include:

  • Growth Planning
  • Goal Setting & Budgeting
  • Financial Forecasts & Projections
  • Cash Flow Analysis
  • Mergers & Acquisitions Transaction Support; Due Diligence
  • Exit Planning & Family Successions
  • Buy vs. Lease Analysis

Comprehensive Thinking

We look at all aspects of your accounting, with the end goal of helping you achieve your goals. Those can include increasing profits, working less, aggressive growth, buying or selling a business, developing a succession plan, creating corporate goals and setting compensation plans. We help you look at all aspects of a potential situation to get to the right answer.

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