The History of Our Firm: Our Work Has Changed, But Not Our Values

Frank L. Sassetti founded Sassetti in 1921. His initial goal was to provide service to the Italian immigrant community.

A century later, look at how much we’ve changed! Mr. Sassetti never dreamt that paper ledgers and manual record-keeping would be replaced by real-time client communications via cell phones, emails and text messaging. Or, that computers would be capturing and calculating financial results with almost immediate outcomes. He also probably never imagined the complex accounting, tax and financial reporting regulations that our tax professionals need to manage.

But Frank L. Sassetti would have agreed that, despite all these new technologies and laws, one thing should never change: the value of personal relationships, attentive service and trust—values that drove Mr. Sassetti then, and that still drive us today.

During the 1960s our founder’s son, Robert Sassetti, moved the firm from Chicago to suburban Oak Park, where we are still headquartered. We have since added another office in Naperville to better serve our clients. Robert transformed the firm from a one-man operation into a full-service firm capable of supporting larger and more complex clients. In 1994, Robert Sassetti retired and left the firm to a new group of partners who have continued to stay focused on areas that provide clients a high degree of value, and deliver the personal excellence that is the hallmark of our firm.

Today, our clients consist of a broad range of family-owned businesses, SEC regulated companies, not-for-profit organizations and high-net-worth individuals.

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