What Do You Value? The Knowledge We Have, or the Knowledge We Share?

The New Year is now in full swing. Looking back on the past twelve months, I think about what I have accomplished, and what I wanted to accomplish but “haven’t had the time for.” Each year feels shorter than the last.

I realize that some of the best advice I have received is to “slow down to speed up.” Stop grinding through life day by day; set goals and commit to them. Several years ago, as a firm, we did just that. In mid-January, a busy time of year, we put away our computers for a full day to gather as a team. We reflected on our past and planned for the future – establishing strong core values, setting goals, and discussing our path forward. Taking time to focus is rewarding — we have grown in tremendous ways.

As public accountants, we undergo a similar process for our clients, we review the results of prior periods and make recommendations on how to excel going forward. It excites me to hear about our clients’ achievements. However, what satisfies me most is learning the key attributes that lead to success. An understanding of the important elements that dictate results allows us to expand our knowledge base in preparation for future challenges. Although tangible results can be easy to grasp, slowing down to fully comprehend the elements of success contributes to our ability to adapt and continuously improve.

As a firm, we leverage our experience to make thoughtful recommendations and anticipate the future needs of our clients.
Our goal is to live up to the vision set by our core values. What is yours?


William Scherba