american flag cropped

I am one of the lucky ones who can walk to work. I see some amazing and interesting things on the way.

Some get me irritated. For example, one of the most irritating is when someone flies an American flag and allows the wind to wrap it around its pole. In my opinion, an American flag should not be twisted up…it should blow freely in the wind…free like our Nation.  My attitude is…if your flag is snarled…do something about it. Get on a ladder and unsnarl it.

As I was thinking about it, governments can become a bit snarled as political winds in Washington; in my home state; Illinois or any other state blow them one way or another. It occurs to me that; if we want to do something about getting them untwisted, one of the easiest ways is an educated vote.

The Primaries are close to over, The Presidential election is just around the corner. Please vote! Democrat, Republican, Independent, conservative or liberal…Vote!

If your candidate wins; rejoice. Then hope and pray that that candidate stands for everything they stood for during their campaigns. But what happens if your candidate loses?

Win or lose, we have a responsibility to support those that have been duly elected to office if for no other reason; it is what is expected of us as residents of the American Republic.

Remember, E Pluribus Unum; out of the many, one. The one thing we all have in common is that we are all different. This is the thing that makes us similar to one another; One.

Particularly at election time I get all wrapped up in MY candidate and I forget everything that an election represents. Remember the pledge of allegiance; ONE Nation, under God, INDIVISIBLE, with liberty and justice for all. I don’t hear or think about these words very much anymore. Let us all remember as election results are posted, we are ONE by our differences and we are INDIVISIBLE by our common residency in America. We support a country; not individual candidates.

I hope you will remember what your vote stands for as you vote. It’s not about a win or a loss, but upholding the incredible principles that make up this Nation.

Paul Curatolo

Senior Tax Manager