Our Vision & Core Values


Our vision is to be a middle market leader providing and introducing accounting, audit, tax and advisory services to individuals, businesses and non-profit organizations.

Quality Service is a proactive and insightful approach targeted at maintaining our clients’ awareness of how our ever changing economy and climate of legislative change impacts their businesses. Ensuring compliance with laws and regulations is a given – Sassetti strives to make a difference for our clients by exceeding our clients’ expectations.

Continuous Improvement is a commitment to growing our expertise and refining our methods. We improve our services through ongoing conversations with clients and through purposeful continuing education which enables us to stay current with developments in the industry. As a firm, we aim to create an environment that fosters professional growth to continue to enhance our expertise and business acumen, and thus remain valuable resources to our clients.

Adaptability is the competitive advantage our Firm creates when we widen our perspective and stretch our limits in order to achieve alignment between serving our clients and the depth of our talent and expertise. As professionals we strive to think creatively and work outside our comfort zone. The value we place upon continuous improvement facilitates our ability to adapt to change and maximize our capabilities.

Collective Responsibility is the foundation upon which we build trust among stakeholders of the Firm. We recognize that achievement is not associated with an individual’s efforts but rather we rise and fall, aspire and grow – all together – as a team. We value the collective responsibility because we value trust and teamwork.

Personal Responsibility is the willingness to both accept the importance of standards by our profession, our clients and our firm, and to make strong personal efforts to live by those standards. It consists of having the courage to do the right thing. As a firm, we place value on personal responsibility because we embrace the concept of collective responsibility.

Balance is a critical component of how we approach our business. We are committed to sustaining the livelihoods as well as the well-being of our people. We create a flexible work/life balance by understanding the individual’s needs at all stages of life. We encourage our people to be active in the community and we foster an environment that supports time with family.