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NFP Newsletter, Spring 2016 (Click to Download PDF)

  • Liquidity: Can It Be the Difference between Success and Bankruptcy for NFPs?
  • 2015 ACA IRS Filing Requirements
  • If A Product or Service is Delivered Via the Internet, It’s Not Subject to Sales Tax, Right?
  • “Are We Having Those Good Seafood Salad Sandwiches for Lunch Again?” The (Real) Questions Committees Should Ask About Executive Compensation
  • Form 1023-EZ Is Too Easy
  • The New GASB Accounting and Financial Reporting Standards for Other Postemployment Benefits (OPEB)
  • New Tax Act Has Much for Nonprofits
  • Rising to the Challenge of Nonprofit Recruiting
  • Other Items to Note
  • Distinguished Service Awards
  • BDO Professionals in the News
  • Video Series: Lee Klumpp on the FASB’s Nonprofit Accounting Standards Updates – and How You Can be Prepared


NFP Newsletter, 1st Quarter 2015 (Click to Download PDF)

  • With Charitable Giving Tactics Old and New, Nimble Nonprofits Win
  • Does Your Organization’s Development Plan Need Refreshing?
  • Compensation Committee – Do We Really Need One?
  • Nonprofits Beware: The Hidden Costs in an Office Lease
  • Going Concern: What Nonprofit Management Teams Need to Know
  • Assessing Financial Stability
  • 2014 Changes to Form 990 and Schedules
  • Effectively Communicating Your Mission and Accomplishments: Form 990 and Beyond
  • Tax Proposals for Exempt Organizations to Watch in 2015
  • Other Items to Note…Nonprofit Facts: Did you know


  •  Getting off on the right foot – Merger transitions set the stage for a successful alliance
  • IRS reviews vary widely
  • The annual budget: Who’s on 1st (and 2nd and 3rd)?


NFP Newsletter, June-July 2014 (Click to Download PDF)

  • Board member fundraising: How to develop rainmakers
  • Is your nonprofit ready to pass the baton?
  • Nonprofits going global: Don a sleuthing cap before expanding internationally


NFP Newsletter, April-May 2014

  • Case in point – keep projects in motion with a RACI matrix
  • Accounting and tax mistakes –  is your nonprofit making these 6 common slipups
  • How to protect your tax-exempt status


NFP Newsletter, February-March 2014

  • Let the numbers roll – 8 ways to make your accounting function more efficient
  • Restricted gifts call for careful handling
  • Are you satisfied with your board’s performance?


NFP Newsletter, Year End 2013

  • Board matters: Creating a governance policy
  • Stack up with benchmarking: Ratios can provide crucial insights
  • Good as gold: 4 tips for retaining volunteers


NFP Newsletter, October-November 2013

  • Know thy enemy, Understand risks and how to mitigate them
  • How should you value donated property?
  • Auditor recommendations can be a treasure trove


NFP Newsletter, June-July 2013

  • Six tips for developing spectacular board members
  • Op-eds, Spread the word for free
  • The proof is in documenting donor gifts


NFP Newsletter, June-July 2013

  • How to take the stress out of an independent audit
  • Setting the salaries and benefits of your executives
  • Litigation protection, Be safe, not sorry


NFP Newsletter, April-May 2013

  • Assembling a bad board of directors
  • Taking on debt for all the right reasons
  • Unrestricted funds: The stairway to flexibility


NFP Newsletter, February-March 2013

  • Protecting Privacy – meld best practices into your policy and procedures
  • What makes people give?
  • Outsource your nonprofit’s accounting functions – maybe

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